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Alexis Rivers ( Completed )

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Alexis Rivers ( Completed )

Post by Alexis Rivers on Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:06 am

Name: Alexis Jamie Rivers
Age: 17
Birth Faction: Abnegation
Current Faction: Candor
Birthday: December 25

Hair Color: Blonde Hair that has brown in it.
Hair Style: Long and Wavy
Clothing Style: Wears dresses mostly of black and white.
Appearance: Alexis has a very slim body, and has been known to have an attractiveness to her. When she was in Abnegations he was considered hot by some boys. Alexis also has brown eyes which are rather mysterious looking sometimes. She also wears glasses sometimes if she is bored.

Likes: Honesty, Listening to music in spare time, Honesty, and Manners
Dislikes: Lying, Jerks, No Order
Strengths: Sensing when someone is lying
Fears: To see her son die alongside with her siblings
Weaknesses: No loyalty

Personality: Alexis is a very caring person, who had been known to love honesty, since her parents had wanted to make sure they raised her right. She also had been known to have an intelligent side to her which meant she had been somewhat divergent, but not enough for her to be considered it. Alexis also love her family which is her weakness along with no support, which means she would need to leave everything behind for Candor. Then finding out she was pregnant which made her very mature, and had no clue how. She also has a love for family.

Father's Name: James Alexander Rivers /41/ ( Abnegation Council Member ) Living
Mother's Name:  Sarah Meghan Rivers ( Rossum ) /41/ ( Abnegation Social Services Worker ) Living
Andrew Colin Rivers /18/ ( Erudite Chemist ) Living
Alyssa Morgan Rivers /16/ ( Amity Initate ) Living
Alexander Ryan Rivers /13/ ( Abnegation Student ) Living
Atticus Levi Rivers ( Six Month Old ) Son
History:  Alexis had grew up knowing that selfishness is not a good thing, and even though she knew she was selfish, because of the mistakes she made. Even though when she was younger she was a good little girl and had loved Abnegation till she got older when she made the most selfish mistake anyone could ever make. Since she had a rebellious boyfriend from Dauntless she never told anyone about who she had spent a lot of time with. Who later had her leading up to the most selfish mistake anyone could ever make and that was her getting pregnant.

Since after her choosing ceremony she had felt sick, because of the fact she had been carrying a son for only a short time, and had known that this would ruin everything she had. So she had followed her apitiude results and joined Candor, since her boyfriend had been spacing from her and stayed in Dauntless, not giving a thought about her.

Once she found out she was pregnant she kept it a secret till one of her friends told her to tell what was troubling her, and she told her she was expecting, and had been the closet thing for her. Then once she had her child after her initation she had raised her son on her own in her new apartment.
Alexis Rivers
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Re: Alexis Rivers ( Completed )

Post by Emma Hunter on Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:42 pm

Emma Hunter
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