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Finn Prior

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Finn Prior

Post by Finn Prior on Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:20 pm

Name: Finn Andrew Prior
Age: 16
Birth Faction: Erudite
Current Faction: Erudite
Birthday: April 16

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Messy and Short
Clothing Style: He mostly wears blue, because he is in Erudite which is led by his cousin.
Appearance: Finn is described as looking much like his father Caleb who is role model, and someone he has admired from a young age alongside with his sister Mercy who is his best friend and he is kind of how his dad and late aunt was. He also has some of a muscular struture since he had to defend himself when Dauntless attacked him. He also does not wear glasses, because people love to see his green eyes, since as he got older like his father grew to be very handsome young man.

Likes: Books, His family, Knowledge
Dislikes: Dauntless, Sorrow, and Stupdity
Strengths: Intelligence, His family, Imagination
Fears: To see everyone in his family killed
Weaknesses: Fear, Ignorance, Being to smart

Personality: Finn is described as being a boy full of intelligence and kindness, which had made him the kid he was who would do anything for you. As well as outwit you in an spelling bee or even a math bee. Since his parents raised him that way, as well as being selfless and showing considerations for others. Which made his apitiude test weird due to him having all those things about him. Which made him develop being Divergent, since his results were Amity, Erudite, and Abnegation.

Although in the end he chose to be with his family. Also having a chance at being a leader, since he showed a numerous amount of leadership towards his piers, also being the oldest out of his twin sister Mercy who was the opposite of him, in everything he did.

Finn also is genuine caring towards everyone he meets which falls under him having kindness, which would make anyone predict him to be a Amity kid. Which all in the end sums up to him having more intelligence than anything else, and that he would be more fit for Erudite.

Father's Name: Caleb Prior /36/ ( Erudite Council Member ) Living
Mother's Name: Evelyn Chelsea Prior ( nee Lucas ) ( Engineer ) Living
Mercy Beatrice Prior /16/ Living ( Twin Sister )
Tanner Adam Prior / 14/ ( Erudite Student ) Living

History: Finn had grew up in a loving very studious household who would make sure each of their kids had knowledge in them, so there would be a chance for them to do good on their apitiude test. As for Finn he had no problem with studying, since he had his parents brains unlike his siblings do. As Finn grew up he had sometimes wanted to change his faction to Amity or Abnegation since those were results on his apituide test which determind him Divergent.

Once he started to discover he soon found out his cousin had become the leader of Erudite, which mean that if he stayed he could possibly become leader of Erudite since her and his dad were on good terms, and were like a heir thing. Since each of them would get something.

Also another plus had been them being one of the richest people in Erudite. Then once his choosing day came around he had decided to stick with his dad and join Erudite.
Finn Prior
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Re: Finn Prior

Post by Galen Eaton on Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:24 pm

Galen Eaton
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