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Victoria Rose

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Victoria Rose

Post by Victoria Rose on Sun May 31, 2015 1:13 am

Name: Victoria 'Tori' Celeste Rose
Age: 19
Birth Faction: Dauntless
Current Faction: Dauntless
Birthday: April 2nd

Hair Color: Medium Brown
Hair Style: Varies. Usually Wavy or Straight
Clothing Style: Varies. Usually Punk Rock ish, casual, believes in comfort.
Appearance: Tori has medium brown hair that reaches her shoulder blades and just a little underneath. She has tan skin, warm dark brown eyes. She looks a lot like her mother, she is very lean and has an athletic build from all her training in Dauntless. She mostly wears black or red clothing but will occasionally wear different colors when the mood strikes her usually it's dark colors. She believes in wearing comfortable clothes and does not like getting all dressed up unless she has to.

Likes: sweets, books, children, being in Dauntless, music, cooking, the weekend, training, adrenaline.
Dislikes: snobs, rude people, fire, mondays, being bored.
Strengths: Training, Her family, her friends.
Fears: Being Burned Alive, Loosing all her friends.
Weaknesses: her family, her friends, children, fire.

Personality: Victoria is genuinely a very kind person, very quiet, but is stubborn and can be outspoken when she wants to be. She has a feisty temper so it's better to stay on her good side, she is loyal to a fault and will do anything to protect those she cares about. She doesn't fully trust anyone but is slowly working on that. Tori is determined and brave, she always does things 100%.

Father's Name: Mark Benjamin Rose/32/Deceased
Mother's Name: Annalise Trinity Rose/26/Deceased
Siblings: none that she knows of.

History: Victoria was born to Annalise and Mark Rose. Her mother was a Amity transfer while her father was a Erudite transfer. His parents had been best friends when they first met and had married a few years later. Tori was born 3 years into their marriage, her mother died while giving birth to her, but her father never blamed Tori and love her completely.

When Tori was 5 her father, supposedly still grieving for his wife, 'jumped' to his death. Tori was not sure whether that story was true or not. But decided to keep her personal feelings about her fathers death to herself. Ever since than Tori dedicated herself to training and getting stronger.

During the choosing ceremony Tori decided she was going to stay in Dauntless even though she could fit into any faction. She did not know she was Divergent until the Aptitude test which did yet didn't surprise her. Tori usually stays to herself but has a few friends. She has a couple of tattoo's, one on her wrist and one on her right side. She can be a smart mouth and outspoke when she wants to, she inherited that from her mother. But is polite and considerate, she inherited that from her father. Tori also has a scar that rubs from her right elbow that reaches her right wrist that she got from a training accident.
Victoria Rose
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Re: Victoria Rose

Post by Emma Hunter on Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:56 pm

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