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Galen Eaton

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Galen Eaton

Post by Galen Eaton on Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:35 pm

Name: Galen Tobias Eaton
Age: 20
Birth Faction: Dauntless
Current Faction: Dauntless
Birthday: May 8

Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short and Is somewhat spikey
Clothing Style: Wears his dauntless clothings.
Appearance: Galen is known to be very muscular, and looks like how his dad somewhat used to look. He has a couple tattoos, and many scars. Which made him want to be a soldier, and he did. Galen also had brown eyes, and had not much similiarities to his twin sister. Which made it hard to believe they were siblings, and soon after she left.

Likes: Authority, Fighting, Saving People
Dislikes: Spiders, Snakes, and The Government
Strengths: Punching, His ability with swords, and his sister.
Fears: To see his twin sister die.
Weaknesses: Death, The Government

Personality: Galen is very temper-mental, and has much anger built up in him since his sister left and joined Erudite, and soon becoming the leader. Also he is very brave, when it came to his father dying, and being by his grandmother, and how he had lost his mother an not knowing her made him very guarded and timid. Galen also tries to act like a tough guy when in truth he is far from a tough from all of the tragedy in his life.

Father's Name: Tobias Eaton ( Dauntless ) Deceased
Mother's Name: Beatrice " Tris " Prior ( Dauntless ) Deceased
Siblings: Emma Hunter ( formally Eaton ) ( Erudite ) Living
Other: N/a

History: Galen had grown up in Dauntless, and saw much tragedy in his life, which led him to become temper-mental, and when his father died the only livin biological parent he had left died. Galen fell sorrow, and has often wanted to leave Dauntless and join Amity or Abnegation, but something always stopped him and that was he was wanted to be like his parents so he choose to remain where he was.

Until his twin sister joined Erudite, and to his dismay became the leader there which made him wonder why she was like that, and how he could not become a leader instead he was a trainer. Which made him wonder whether this was the best opition for him and hoping he could get his sister back.
Galen Eaton
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Re: Galen Eaton

Post by Emma Hunter on Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:41 pm

Emma Hunter
Leader of Erudite

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