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Jason Harmon

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Jason Harmon

Post by Jason Harmon on Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:39 pm

Name: Jason Gregory Harmon
Age: 17
Birth Faction: Dauntless
Current Faction: Candor
Birthday: August 2

Hair Color: Dark Red Hair
Hair Style: Short and Goes Back and is fluffy on top.
Clothing Style: Mostly jeans, t shirts, and his candor clothing.
Appearance: Jason has deep blue eyes, and has freckles. He is rather muscular and has some scars since he was in Dauntless, and also because his father had been cruel and wanted him to be the tough dauntless which made him leave. He also has light skin.

Likes: Fighting, Honesty, His friends
Dislikes: His father, Dauntless, and his brother.
Strengths: The honestly of people
Fears: His father and the rest of Dauntless
Weaknesses: Pain, Dishonesty

Personality: Jason is a very timid teenager boy who had left Dauntless when he had been able to transfer factions. Also he has been known to be divergent, which also made him leave. Since he knew the history of the Dauntless. He is also very intelligent, and could qualify for being in Erudite. The best thing about Jason is that he is very honest and trustworthy to anyone he could meet accept his father. He also is very angry and has anger issues from the abuse he dealt with his whole life leading up to him departing to Candor.

Father's Name: Adam Matthew Harmon / 45 / ( Dauntless ) Living
Mother's Name: Victoria Helena Harmon ( nee Evans ) ( Dauntless ) Deceased
Siblings: Austin Jared Harmon / 19/ ( Erudite ) Living
Other: N/A

History: Jason was born a Dauntless, and had a horrible life when he was in Dauntless. Which mainly had been, because of his father abusing him. Also making him feel worthless, which happened after his mother's death. Since before his father was a good guy who had been Jason best friend to only turn against him. Which had him come to the conclusion of leaving Dauntless to join Candor where he found people who cared about him.

Then while he was taking his apititude test he found out he was Divergent, and that he would be changing because his father was against divergents. Also so he could have people who cared about him.

Once he left Dauntless a year ago, he soon had found out he was not the only Divergent, and that the Erudite leader was a Divergent.
Jason Harmon
Candor Member/Divergent

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Re: Jason Harmon

Post by Emma Hunter on Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:43 pm

Emma Hunter
Leader of Erudite

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