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No Name For Vengence

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No Name For Vengence

Post by Emma Hunter on Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:04 pm

Emma had walked around the Erudite headquarters, with not much fear in her. Since she had surprisely manage to keep her identity a secret for a very long time. Even though she had felt guilt on doing what she was doing. Since her parents were not like that. This was how she felt when it came to being who she was , and who she was related to. She had not a clue in the world for why she was like this since her parents were not like that.

Was she really becoming evil?

The thought had crossed her mind on multiple occasions. Especially being a faction leader, in a faction which had been against Divergents, well the leader did. Even though that was over twenty years ago. Emma had not wanted to be this evil person in which she had started to become.

She had started to go against everyone, and to sum everything up she was Divergent, which had been a big surprise since one of the people who leaders of Erudite were against them. She had soon decided to walk around he office, and soon she heard someone come in behind her.

" Who is there ? " she asked.
Emma Hunter
Leader of Erudite

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Re: No Name For Vengence

Post by Jason Harmon on Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:14 pm

Jason walked in the Erudite Headquarters, because he wanted to visit it for the longest time, and since the law allowed him he decided to give it a shot. He looked around the studious souls working in their chairs, and lab coats. This was offically a scientist place in Jason's eyes. Since everyone had seemed to be doing their own thing. He had one person he wanted to see and that was Emma Hunter the leader of Erudite.

Even though he knew she was Emma Eaton as welll, since from what he heard had fled Dauntless, because she had not wanted to have memories. He knew it had to be nonsense, since not everyone left because of that, even though he left Dauntless so he can get away from his abusive excuse of an father.

Since he had only met Emma a few times and that was in Dauntless.

He soon managed to walk in her office.

" Hello Miss Hunter, my name is Jason Harmon! " said Jason.
Jason Harmon
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